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Fifty five degrees on NewsRadio k s became the California Highway Patrol and plaza. Ville is warning drivers the highway fifty s backed up with eight to ten hour. Delays south Lake Tahoe. Chain controls are ineffective for four miles is possible. To Myers officials said too many people are showing up unprepared for conditions and Chang controls. They warned that there are no alternate routes on back roads from highway fifty the CHP is asking drivers to either take I eighty or stay home highway twenty inclusive county east of Williams remains closed because portions of the roadway still inundated with water while much of that water has to be seated highway twenty is still soaked enclosed between Houston and will s green roads, how transcend there's no estimated time of reopening. Authorities have cancelled a flood warning for northern California community where a river fed by a fierce storm rose above flood stage. The national weather service issued the warning for an area near Guerneville north of San Francisco after the Russian river rose about thirty two feet, Thursday night, Cindy Chan NewsRadio KF became traffic and weather. Together. Good afternoon. You're puppet the brakes westbound I eighty before the cab city freeway, there's a two car injury crash. It's unknown which lanes are blocked you're moving slowly northbound ninety nine between fruit ridge road and twelfth avenue and I'm seeing brake lights for days in Davis. Westbound eighty between highway one thirteen and midway road. If we're not seeing what you're seeing. Call the brothers home improvement window endure experts traffic tip line now pound to fifty traffic..

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