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Evan valenti, Gary washburn of The Boston Globe by madam Kaufman and Gary, you have not been on with us since May. So at that point in time, there were a lot of things with this team. They were still, you know, you know, seeking the playoffs at that point. So we were dissecting are they going to make it out of the play internment? What roster changes need to happen? And as the front office need an overhaul, what needs to happen on Brad Stevens bench? Needless to say much has occurred since we last spoke. So we can get into all that, but here's where I want to begin. I don't expect you to know this, but it seems there's just obviously bet online is a sponsor of this show. There is no safer bet in America right now, Gary, then the fact that after Evan and I record a show with whomever it is is kind enough to join us about two hours later, something significant with the Celtics breaks. So do you have anything you'd like to get ahead of right now that might be coming up later this afternoon or tonight? No, no. I think I've heard of. No. It's getting to be ridiculous at this point. We recorded last week. We stopped in an hour later the rob Williams extension was done, making the entire episode kind of move because we didn't talk about anything at all. So just really stinks. What was something the week before, too? There's been the Josh Richardson stuff. There's been signings with coaches. There's been a whole bunch of things that we've missed by ours. And it's just really annoying. So just trying to get in front of it, Gary, just trying to get in front of the story and we want to text any sources or anything just while we're on so we can make sure that we really knock this out of the park before we're done. Sorry, nothing is no. I have no news to report unfortunately. Nothing imminent. So how, I mean, we'll get to the Olympics in a little bit. I know you were there. Generally speaking, how's.

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