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Is download it from and it's good buddy by simone and you get a fourteen day free trial. I'm not using this as a place for commercial but i am you should honestly get. It's the it's the greatest thing i think is the best about better nutrition to lavelli leveque cou. You ladies are actually introduce me to you. Ladies is incredible. She does all the meal plans and the recipes and it serves so you've got. That's never been done before an app. We've got the fitness and the <hes> recipes and health and nutrition as well but as the saying if you only wanna do ten minutes so you to stay scared to dance. It's good to be able to do it in your heart and put ten minutes of dance have a little practice and when you feel good and you've mastered that they need to come to class and you'd be like up the the front. I know this one but i've lost my train of thought oh yeah so just creating a wonderful team that can help and support learning to surrender and learning that you know everyone else. Ask has got your back and <hes> i don't have to do it on my own anymore. You know and allowing other people to share the message and spread the word as well. I think that was that's a big thing <hes> as a woman you know you you like. I've gotta do this. Gotta prove myself but you know other people people that help you and that's that's the beauty of it. You gotta surrender enderle. Allow them to help you. I was beautiful. What's your favorite part of your self care routine. I know it may have changed with the babe probably sleep deep but i'm not getting that at the moment but i just can't share enough how important sleep is is inborn time view muscles to heal and repair your brain into be still v._m. Your mind stole the thoughts but probably that yeah meditating when even now i don't do the twenty my mid twenty minutes meditation because they don't have time so it's like five minutes grabber where i can but also just excise excise even if it means going for a walk outside just carvings and time for yourself uniform last question for me just curious you know it's important that we fuel our bodies for these intense workout so honey what has been your tried and true <hes> nutrition as to your every day yeah i mean people. Ask me all the time. What do you eat. Do you wait. What do you eat and we're so we're gonna ask what you eat. The thing is we're all different right and so you can't compare your meal plan to my put meal. Oh ban you know i when when i'm training properly the girls will know we workout for five six hours a day which is madness so we have to eat so much much more than the normal person you know. I eat a lot of protein. I know and i know jails vegan people here that don't wanna eat meat. That's fine right. Don't compare don't wants i this. This is the certain way that have to do it. You have to do what's best for you full. May i need to eight inner three meals a day in two sacks. I need to eat heavy protein to few my muscles to hate help. Rebuild them and leedle drink a lot of fluid and then david. We know we're drinking propel today. Everybody drinking lots of propel water. <hes> you know trying to eliminate the sugar but i'm a woman and i love sugar and i really chocolate biscuits for breakfast. It happens but i think just you. We're all intelligent. It's just about you know eating. Well eating real food eating whole food eating organic when you can my biggest thing is you you pick up something from the supermarket bucket and you don't know what that is on that label and you can't pronounce that word dr needed yeah like be like a caveman cavewoman eat real food wherever if whenever you can fruit and vegetables you know grains proteins chicken fish meat where it was smart intelligent right. Don't stop yourselves is no. There's such thing as a diet when you actually stop yourself. Slow down your metabolism then. You're gonna crave something. If in this like a kid tele kid they can't do something. What are are they gonna. Do they gonna do it. Tell you self oh. I can't eat that ice cream. You're going to binge and then you're gonna eat the whole tub so it's just really mindset but yeah just eat well folow kelly leveque email plans. Get the app because there's great recipes in their fair so great yeah listening to your body and that's great advice. Thank you so much sir. Thank you.

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