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You have to wonder how much is that going to tax his elbow? As we move along in this ballgame that many breaking balls right out of the chute, Ground ball foul third base side of the counter and one is Tyler Nay Quinn stands in with a 2 72 average 19 homers 70. Batted in. These are not cutters from Michael is even there curveballs. It's more of a power pitch that he really has to get some strength in that forearm to pull the ball down. Walking out to a short lead at first Goldschmidt holding him on as Michael Steele's the Oh one pitch, and it misses up and away. Michael is this year Oh, and two. He's making just his sixth starting as a 5.6 e R. A Is struck out 17 walking. Just seven before that walked of Otto. 21. A third innings pitched across his first five starts this year. Right hander Back to the flight, and it's a ground ball to third. Should be two to second one around the first double play. 543 are nado Edmund Goldschmidt. Two outs. Nobody on Four Mike Moustakas. Fans. It's now time for the Cincinnati Bell trivia question of the game. Cincinnati Bell. Imagine the possibilities of everyone had fiber Internet On this date in 1985. Pete Rose became baseball's all time leader in career hits, passing Ty Cobb's career mark of 4191 with a single in the first inning of the Reds game against the Padres Riverfront Stadium. What was the new all time career hit record at the conclusion of that night Reds game against the Padres ground ball of the second baseman Edmund First Ball swinging Moustakas. Edmund makes the play and we'll have to answer. When we go to the bottom of the second, we go to the bottom of the second. Reds and Cardinals are scoreless..

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