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Out that the all new two thousand nineteen Honda passport is now in stock. Offers in February twenty eight Huggins Honda when buying from the best matters take the low price exited highway twenty six at northeast loop twenty just catty corner to the northeast mall and Hearst, go to Huggins Honda dot com for full lease details, certified pre-owned luxury cars the hottest thing in the car market today. Chad chase and Aaron wines at autobahn BMW lead that parade and they still do and today at Audubon during the BMW certified sales event on all two thousand eighteen BMW service loan vehicles and corporate demonstrators with approved credit you can receive two point four nine percent interest for sixty months excluding the m series. Additionally because these exceptional BMW's or certified pre-owned, they qualify for a five year unlimited mileage BMW factory warranty from the original in service date. But this great offers going end February twenty eighth two thousand nineteen. Remember financing is available through BMW financial services. BMW? We only make one thing the ultimate driving machine. Audubon BMW delivers on one thing. Exceptional customer service white settlement road at university. Just north of I thirty in Fort Worth. I'm Cody general manager of maroon Kia this month. Three special offers for you at any of our kilocalories, I are twenty nine hundred and Kia Optima LX sedan. MS RPM is twenty four ninety five discount twenty one zero seven and twenty five hundred Kia customer cash. Bottom line, a twenty nineteen Kia. Optima LX sedan for just nineteen four eighty eight next. A new two thousand nineteen Sportage LX MS RPM is twenty four twenty five discount fifteen thirty seven and two thousand and Kia customer cash. That's a twenty nineteen Kia Sportage LX for only twenty one eight eight. Eighty eight on our twenty nine hundred and Kia Sorrento L. The MS RPM is twenty-seven one eighty-five discount sixteen ninety seven and two grand and Kia customer cash. Now, that's a new twenty nineteen Kia Sorrento L for just twenty three eight hundred eighty eight T T and L extra. But these exceptional offers will end February twenty eighth twenty nineteen Kia. The power to surprise with the longest warranty in America, ten years or one hundred thousand miles merits Kia, Las Vegas trail at I thirty and west Fort Worth Howie, Tanit, Lupe, twenty and Hearst and golden triangle at thirty five and Allianz..

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