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Fireworks and lord music one of the biggest parties was along the banks of the thames as big ben round night jonathan blake was there oh he has midnight arrived the crowd suit waited for several hours to see the fireworks looked up in or is these spectacular display began the aaa guy if you've been if around seventy five out boy of ours i was a it was a it was worth the every minute the london i was the centerpiece as ever with fifty thousand explosions lighting up the night sky in if we tell jonathan blake reporting the time is nine minutes pulse seven protest is in iran have been warned by president rouhani that there is a difference between criticizing the government and violence and destruction of public property he was speaking after a fourth day of demonstrations the largest in iran since two thousand nine customer najji special correspondent of bbc potion tv awards to president burhanni's words mean a d think catherine tons of how the protesters will now be dealt with m a notes sure actually uh in a sense that he doesn't actually threaten the demonstrators all he says is that the romanians have the right to protest but not the right to caused destruction or of violence and he says we have problems that date back to earth of years ago his referring to iran's as int international sanctions against iran uh because of its nuclear program but nevertheless he says he wants to the people and the government to work handinhand to resolve these issues his words are unlikely to to do anything in a sense that is not going to calm the situation those people on the streets of continued last night after his speech throughout the country and there were reports of clashes in author does and more than half a dozen probably a dozen cities across the country and we hearing reports that even at one of the towns in the west are in the control of the demonstrators today so things haven't changed because basically the situation is so serious that it needed something extraordinary from president roh honey and dot woodson a a forthcoming in a sense that those people out on the street might ask came when was the last time that iran is had actually the right to demonstrate in iran freely and when were an who is responsible for the violence of course in.

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