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Heidi fame house jacksonville jaguars and we played last game coliseum and you can just tell you guys like end wallers you got Jacobs you've got car. You got the guy that was just a rookie. You know so They have they have a great offense here man and they're dirty. Put that together now. It's time for the defense side of the ball to help that often side out a lot. You know what i mean so it just goes back to what i said earlier. You got like max We just signed quinton. We just signed solomon and Those guys Those guys that can rush when you put on tape those guys that play physical football and with our mindsets together and just being able to bounce information and ideas off each other. It should be a lot of plays made this year coming up. Welcome everybody to the takeaways. Addition of the vegas podcast. I'm your host. heidi fang. And today i'm going to be joined by siriusxm main producer the guy in charge nfl things. That's eddie silly. He also has his own podcast yards per attempt. Podcast check that out so everybody first of all before we get going into here with the raiders. The free agency the salary cap. All those mind numbing numbers that we're trying to figure out what they mean. and how. They affect the raiders in twenty twenty. One we're going to break it down with eddie but first of all. Don't forget to subscribe wherever you are listening. And we are brought to you by the las vegas review journal and also presented to you by blue wire podcasts. Right off the top there. You heard from unique and gakugei. That's how we're going to be pronouncing his name but he also said that you can call them yawn if you're interviewing him so just in case anybody ever runs into him. You can yawn. He signed my helmet anyway but he was there talking about what his impact will be on the raiders. And as you can see in. Free agency the raiders. Have been signing d. lineman after d. lineman here to the roster from solomon thomas to matt dickerson. The raiders are making waves here in free agency and eddie is going to break all of that down with us and throughout the show. You're going to hear from the different. Siamese as we are able to get them from the raiders. All of that here on this takeaways edition of the vegas nation. Podcasts so buckle up strap in we're about to get into it here. Eddie i and will continue down the road hearing from some of these. Newly signed raiders. Right all right as promised right now. Joining me from sirius. Xm radio and also from the yards per attempt. Podcast it's eddie silly back on the show. Eddie how're you doing today. Heidi it's always a pleasure to be with you excited to do it again. We got free agency. We got the draft and less than forty days. And it's an exciting time for all our football fans out there for those who don't know eddie is the executive producer of nfl radio over there at serious so your head must be spending right now. I mean always like you said always a busy time. It's always a busy busy time. Free agency we just got clearance to go to the draft so excited we'll be you last year. Obviously we missed it with everything going on with covert and all that stuff. So we're going to be in. Cleveland live in cleveland. So i'm excited to get out of the house and bb. There had to draft in person. See all the prospects will be. It's going to be fun. I'm hoping to get in there as well. I just threw in my proposal today to be like. Hey guys let me play and you you gotta you gotta have everything buttoned up nowadays. Not just as easy as i. Just put a credential in. It's gotta have this and health checks and all this and you gotta dot a lot of is across a lot of ts before he could do stuff unfortunately. Yeah so we will see if that comes through for me. I keep my fingers crossed. Maybe i get to see you in person yet again. let's get into it eddie because like you said there's so much going on from free agency to the raider signing so the release in fact. I think we should call it. The re-signed restructure release podcast and talk about all of these reshuffle. Yeah reshuffle so i would get into some of the re signings wasa players coming back. Some things were done to kind of help. Free up some money here in free agency. A richie incognito. Being one example of that he was released that freed up about five point four million and then he was resigned to the raiders. Two point six two million so a little bit a lesser money there but it frees up. Some cap obviously denzil goods another one but he. He upped his anti he got in eighteen years and eight point three six so with as much movement has been happening right now on this offensive line with hudson. Beane traded with Gave jackson being traded at What do you think is going on here. With that ole line and how it's going to shake out it's really weird if you pinned any raider fan any. Nfl fan down. Before the off season. I think the one thing we took to the bank was rodney hudson plains center for the las vegas raiders and twenty twenty one and come to be that rodney obviously was unhappy being here for as many years as he was not winning and all that kind of stuff. There's probably some stuff that goes on behind the scenes but that was really a shocker. To me. I always knew that. John had a i want to say a problem with trent brown but trenches was never available as year was was how much time he missed. And you know he's making fourteen million dollars. You could just see the writing on the wall that a guy like trent brown was going to be around for the raiders next year. And i i put it out there early on about jackson. You know getting up there close to thirty years old again. He has a cap number about ten million dollars. So that was a guy targeted to that. They can go after and and cut or release and get some money but the hudson thing kind of blew everything up it. It just took the raiders offensive line takeout colt miller. Who's over there. The left side and kinda just shot it into the stratosphere and everybody started. The biggest pet peeve i had is the national media. Everybody kinda ran whip that. The raiders were decimating. They're all line like getting rid of every single star but they're really not you're going to bring record gene cognito. That started a couple of games last year. Denzel goods coming back like you said john. Simpson's there so the interior the off the flight is still there. Really high on a guy like andre james. I'm not gonna sit here and say that andre james is going to be rodney hudson. Nobody's rodney hudson. If we watch raider games and people listening to this podcast for sure have watched raider games. You know how. Good rodney hudson is. Andre james is going to have to fill some big shoes in with them. They have a major hole now at right tackle. So i think there's some right tackles on the market. You got a guy like mitchell schwartz if you were able to sign him away from the kansas city chiefs. I think that'd be great for this football team but you're probably looking towards the draft so the line has a lot of moving parts. I trust shot tom. Cable to kind of put them together. They all signed martin. The former senator the texans. He could play guard as well. So i'm not as concerned with the offensive line. I know it's probably shot that they're a car a little bit losing so many guys. So many starters but be honest gave jacksonville last two years ago. He missed missing time at injury. And trent brown was never available. So you really only replacing rodney hudson. But that's a big asked to replace because rodney was so good for so long for this football team. So i feel as good about the offensive line. I did coming into the off season but a lot of the rationale is jon. Gruden basically saying this team hasn't what we put a lot of money into the offensive line for years and years and years and a team still hasn't won so maybe it's time to reshuffle. Use that money in different directions. And maybe you could have a better solid football team. Moving.

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