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Com Bust 911 What's your emergency and Mondays to arrest you with 911? Damn! It's coming down! Oh, Mother, God! 911 Load stop swimming pool's on fire! Lava big hours that could only be described as apocalyptic season reveres. We have one last shot to turn the tide of 911 and 11 room star. It all starts tonight at eight on just one station, Fox 11. This'll is no ordinary morning news. This'll is good day l a way we're having important conversations on big issues affecting us all more than just last night's news. We're about new stories happening right now, but above all We're focused on your family's well being making your communities safer. So if you're wanting something different, the choice is clear. Good day l a waste 4 to 10 on Fox 11 K. If I am 6 40 downstream it is not Is she any ship that you love me? Book of the Dead and the advisers. As you just heard, Tol float downstream. That's the Beatles Tomorrow. Never knows we're talking about surviving death. The evidence, though, making the case for the perseverance of human consciousness After physical death, Leslie Kean wrote the book of Survival.

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