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Trump shut down you know i became very political ah i everything here in washington there is just so much pinger pointing and i don't expect about finger pointing and blame game to go away anytime soon the question which did you use the most i don't think i use any has day uh you know this weekend um i tried to stay clear of twitter and just watch the drama unfold there has been nine any shortage of drama and tweets flying as you can imagine here in dc so the government shuts down it was very early midnight saturday berry early just after midnight on saturday morning thankfully it was a weekend so the majority of federal offices would have been closed any way at least those the where impact and so are we dealing with just basically one day is today the only day they're going to have a problem i've been at that point air riot wall today was technically the third day ever government shutdown it was really the first day that would have impacted uh federal employee the federal families in a really big way because it was the first business day monday morning uh so you're right this really uh mitigated the impact here that it was sort of over the weekend uh but still it is expensive and and timely for these agencies to uh make big contingency plans about who should come in and what late should stay on and watch which programmings should continue and do they have budgets four and it's hard for these agencies to have to do this every few weeks not knowing how to plan ahead we hear that a lot in washington just frustration but that there's these fits and starts in their budgeting ministers do hashtag mary alice shut down so how our guy lap pair thank you thank you for your time mary ellis park's theory washington with the latest on what's going on with this government shutdown now that if the senate does have a deal they will vote on a bill to get everything back up and running into re open the federal government some we'll continue a swamp watch smother a d c stuff when we come back first and update on the news with amy king president trump says he is pleased congressional democrats have come to their senses and abandon the filibuster to shut down the.

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