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Liked the mummy i liked. I liked dracula. Yeah i like dracula in the sense that he was like a little corey. Trying to be like the old horror movie dracula's but. I thought the mummy just looked cool. The mummy did local. But i think that's why i like dracula is that he was trying. So hard to emulate bela lugosi dracula that living for his arm up above and then the accent and the hand eye. The bela lugosi hand is always what gets me then. There is always the light over his eyes. So that's all you could see him doing. Just that effect. I don't know at this episode was just so fricking creative. I absolutely loved it. I loved everything about it. I love the way was shot. I love the black and white. I love like the the odd angles weird close ups in than like the the jokes which means salmon dean. I loved everything about it. I also. I liked how confused it made the winchesters To see him to see them dwyane excited about like hunt and then them get to the hunt and be like wait a minute. This is to this is like to pinpricks. that's not where pires do right there. Like a vampire. they're like no vampires. Have tons of teeth. Not these two little like little dracula. Fact that they don't say drag like like dracula. Yeah dracula the dracula. I also felt like it was kind of out of character of dean for how hard he was trying to pick up jamie. Yeah it was like all. I feel like he. He would come on strong but if they shoot him down he just like okay onto the next one. Is this his first. Try though after coming back to life Maybe he's lost navy little because he the that long he does say that he is a virgin again. Come on but then. He also talked about being rehabilitated. Which i feel is kind of impossible since from what i remember from health class. That can't happen again. He wasn't that long ago. Who's in pretty good shape. When he got back up. Everything was back to the way it was all the scars and all the but he said what disfiguration. I don't think he was disfigured. I wanna know what the fuck he's talking about. I also. I was on that where i was just like kennedy angel. Really make uber. You're lying ladies taking away your s. td but you're still not diverse. Don't stop get it get it. I guess also the fact that this kid is like there's nowhere wolves in pennsylvania. Have you ever been to pennsylvania. We have bob cats in pennsylvania that will eat you have wolves in pennsylvania. It will happen high. Ody's there was something in my back yard by the creek the other day. That was just going to town. There were no i. I thought it was like it could have been. I looked out and couldn't see anything. But i like raccoons fighting and then i heard like a deer grunt and then there was a weird bird noise and then it sounded like two bucks like fighting antlers lacking but it went on for a long time. I have no idea what was going on. Maybe it wasn't where wolf. I was also always surprised that there was always a witness for the most part..

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