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Before you mind or travelling at the speed of light right now i wanna say were some were just past the rings of saturn with today's show maybe and we're about to approximately fifty years behind i love lucy something like that and you're part of it there will nurture reporting for duty i wanna get into this post well actually post the source thing about putting on facebook i didn't have in common and a comment on it now i talked about for the break harvard law memorial honor slaves owned by the school's founder and what you're trying to do is served every they have it's it's guilt it's total gold the people that are responsible for this though the school founded and 18th seventeen with money from isaac world junior whose wealth came from slave labor on a sugar plantation in antigua and in massachusetts firm law dean john manning said that tuesday's unveiling of this plaque that to be true to our complicated history we must also shine a light on what we are not proud of school last year abandoned a shield modeled after royals family crust after students protested so much the emotion driven argument on this is slavery is bad and we need a waiver from our past we can't celebrate it well duh we know that again i want to see i wanna go back to something that uh colonel is arroyo said when she was with george bush administration she said that slavery is the uh the it's a stain on our soil it's a congenital birth defect of the united states of america but you know what you need to.

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