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What do you think the second choices? Obviously, the first choice is Golden State. I think the second choice is the Knicks the Knicks are the second choice, Golden State. Seventy percent chance that he's there. The Knicks twenty four percent. There is an underground current of, you know, in the NBA Irene Butler. Right l. or at least two of the three and to play with Porzingis in New York for David fizzed ale, and there's a lot. The drumbeat of that is loud enough where there has to be something to it wont again, these are these are also Brooklyn's going to try and get in on that kyri they've got as the favorite to play for the next. Not the Celtics, Jimmy Butler. They've got as the favourite by a lot to play for the Knicks. And Katie is the second choice for where the Knicks or the second choice. Lakers fifty, eight percent chance kyri will be here next year. Again, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, say that again. There is a fifty eight percent chance that I'm sorry. Co. Why did I say country Koci ri- reason I come in here to play with Lombarno fifty, eight percent chance coli will be here next year. Yeah, and and I actually very excite. Sighted to see what the Lakers look like this year. He may in that in that article in the ring article. John Consol is made make some interesting points about Ingram. He says in just a second season Ingram's points rebounds and assists all went up significantly. His shooting also took a big leap as a rookie. He shot forty percent from the floor twenty nine percent from three those numbers jumped to forty seven and thirty nine a truce shooting percentage of fifty three point six up more than six points from his first year. So Ingram is the guy poised to take an all-star type this year, and it's just a matter of how he blends with LeBron one. He's the guy that member. Multiple people. I remember Doris Burke San this, that that the one trader they could not trade no matter what people in the league. Love him. He's got a tremendous, tremendous upside. That's the guy I felt like from this young core would be an all star, who knows if he doesn't take that leap on this roster this year. All right. Coming up. Next dodgers had a good weekend. They need to have good week. Talk about that come right. And there's a stat about the dodgers that I don't think people are noticing that bodes very well for them to make the playoffs even though they would miss the playoffs. If the season started today, I'll tell you what it is Mason. Ireland ESPN ally. All right. So it was a good weekend for the dodgers by all accounts, they blew out the Mariners on Friday night. Then they suffered. They actually balked in the winning run in the tenth inning on Saturday night, which aired Dylan Floro, and then they blew out Seattle again. And yesterday offenses come around good performance from bueller on Friday, good performance for Clayton Kershaw yesterday they are still two games out of first and a game and a half out of second. And the main reason is the Diamondbacks in the Rockies just aren't losing their. They're both playing really good. But do you ever I'm stealing this from Joe Davis by the way who tweeted it over the weekend, but I thought it was a really always got the best stats..

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