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Sivan's well at least at least they'll age outs and like die outs and you'll be get a battery replacement for twenty nine dollars oh speaking of its that reminds me i do have to do the battery replacement for my se before all that goes away i have my mom do it and so here's an interesting thing so my mom went to when to so the closest official apple store is about four hours away from where my parents live and they went to kind of like an authorized retailer about an hour away and they they won they didn't have any stock on batteries at all and then they kind of had the whole you don't really need this let me just something stop way for you and it was like meals to say i got a call from concern mother saying i don't think the sounds legit in really wasn't so and so then she went up to kansas city for hours away and in and out done and and really like don't i recommend people do not don't go through the authorized retailers go through the official channels if you can i know it's a little you might have to drive for hours but it's worth it for the quality of work get from it or good it shipped man yeah well and if you we've mentioned him before on the show too few follow lewis rothmans on youtube he's a very angry third party repair technician out of new york but the stories he tells about apple are are very insightful as to how this company does business with their authorized repair service partners and to your to your point andrew i mean like the reason why that story goes down is something like a screen replacement often can't be done by one of those author apple authorized technicians like they still have to send the phone back to apple anyway so it it is one of those things it's like apple.

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