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There's the music let's dance love it's more than a feeling it's a choice husbands and wives make over and over again a message from focus on the family and this station honesty will never steer you wrong there's the old saying confession is good for the soul chris beal on focus on the family minute explaining how it might be difficult but necessary it will hurt there will be damage people will be hurt you know so often we confess our sin to god and expect him to fix our problems are remove the consequences but there's no scripture that says he actually does that but instead confess your sins and to another person to somebody that you trust and pray for each other in the bible says that you may be healed and that's a promise and so my encouragement is no that god is a god of compassion that your choices have real consequences that god will not remove but it is grace is bigger than you think it is more from chris at family minute dot org on the michael medved show go to our website to michael medved that's me devi is in victory e dot com and sign up for our.

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