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A new report indicates the twenty twenty shortfall will be sixteen percent higher than former governor Rauner administration estimated without additional revenues revenue or cuts President Trump had his annual physical today. Dr Sean Conway says the president is very good health and anticipates will remain so for the duration of his presidency and beyond the reward to find the gunman who shot into an SUV on the city's south side critic. Wounding a one year old boy last night has been substantially increase community activists, Andrew homes. The reward is twenty three thousand five hundred ten thousand coming from Corey Brooks past Corey Brooks. The rest of this money is coming from community leaders menaces police believe Dijon Walker's mother may have been the intended target. They're looking through surveillance video to see if any of the cameras captured the shooting and now WGN sports, here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Kim. Otto porter jR, will suit up tonight. When the bulls take on the nets in Brooklyn, the wingman was acquired in a deadline trade with the wizards bowls are just two and sixteen over the last eighteen Blackhawks meanwhile on a six game winning streak that has them back into playoff contention. They trail the blues by just two points for the second wildcard hawks hosting Red Wings on Sunday. Coverage begins at one thirty here on WGN. Major league baseball is considering the cubs for a game in London next season. It'll be either the Mets taking on the nationals or the cubs facing. The cardinals a decision expected to come. After opening day. The eight team alliance of American football league begins tomorrow. It's a new league made up a former college standouts an NFL players and quarterback. Justin fields has been granted a waiver that allow him to play immediately for Ohio State after transferring from Georgia fields, a former five star recruit transferred to the buckeyes after he got stuck behind Jake on Georgia's depth chart on the home.

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