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It's Marty's last caravan is the voice of the reds with the five thirty report. I'm Matt Reese, and I'm Brian Thome franking now the reds twenty nineteen caravan hits the road later today, and it will be the last time Marty Brennaman rides along as the team's lead radio broadcaster Brennaman announcing yesterday that this will be his last season after forty five years in the booth. I thank all of you folks for how nice you've been to me all these years. I look forward to seeing throughout the course of this season. And and hopefully and seizes beyond where I'm just another employee of this organization. Thank you very much. I appreciate all you've done for me. And. And I hope the feeling is mutual. Brennaman who will be seventy seven years old this July told the audience of reds radio affiliates. It's time to retire and do other things. Bob Castellini is owner of the red is as the first of many tributes that will be offered to you mardi one of the greatest radio broadcasters at broadcasters ever to live. Thank you, very very much. Marty brennaman. Caravan will head today in four different directions. Mario you'll be on the south tour which begins in Louisville tonight. All the caravan tours return on Sunday to Florence mall gathered down below and the players are up in the second level balcony, there's a Q and A so all of their players from all four caravan stops or there, and we do a quick QNA at that day. Go down in it break out into different autograph at tables in the fans that are there. In attendance, gets the autograph cast with Radzi fan of Florence malls. This coming Sunday from eleven until two in the afternoon who replaces Marty his son, Tom tells the Enquirer he's staying with Fox Sports and Jim day seven have a WW last night that he's not looking to replace Martin..

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