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Twenty Microseconds discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The classroom you're not supposed to have an instance where time slows down at one particular place so i said well that's an interesting concept and he gave me the opportunity to take one of these meters to be the very first field investigator to take one of these dt meters and to go out and test it and i didn't even tell him when i was going to do and i decided what i would do is take it on a trip to area fifty one and back now of course storage we both know very well the controversial claims the people like bob lazar and of course bob lazar says he's worked on technology and area fifty one that slows down time for example that he claims he was given an engine of some sort larger built little larger than a basketball and if you put a candle next to it the candle flame will freeze in mid air as if time is being slowed and so and i've heard other claims like this so i thought okay my wife lauren and i will we'll do this very simple you know relatively unannounced trip where we drive hundreds of miles from las vegas area fifty one in back stopping about every new twenty miles along the way to get out in the middle of nowhere in the desert and go out and take a measurement with this meter and some other devices that i had like geiger counters in radio microwave detectors and several and my i was thinking wouldn't it be cool if everything's normal all the way to area fifty one and then we get to fifty one and there's something weird happens you know and then you come back and you go yep sure enough there's something interesting that's what i of was hoping would happen turns out george everything around area fifty one was normal i mean i didn't pick up anything that ex extreme or unexpected around area fifty one what happened was much to my surprise about twenty miles north of las vegas in on on in this little nondescript area on the side of the road out in the desert i rolled out all the equipment and all of a sudden for a moment boom i got this reading that showed that for a moment time had apparently slowed down by twenty microseconds now what that means is if you take a second and you split it into a hundred thousand little pieces one of those is a micro second time slow down for twenty microseconds which is not supposed to happen it's almost like traveling back in time for twenty microseconds when ronald heath saw this result he said wow that is absolutely incredible he was ecstatic he had no explanation for it and here's the big kicker though george just so happens that even though of all the places i went to between area fifty one in back getting nothing that one little nondescript part of the desert where i got this reading just so happens to be one of the most popular ufo hot spots in the entire area where some of the most stunning footage of ufo's and strange lights in the sky hasn't been shot so is that a coincidence or is first step and plotting some kind of a possible connection between these warps the space time warps and what people experiences paranormal phenomena well you know david polite yes of course has talked about people missing and disappearing i'm wondering if they're falling into these kinds of time warps well it's interesting that you bring that up because you know that was one of the things that inspired my entire career before i was born i had a great uncle named claude calloway and who who vanished in western north carolina and right near one of the national forests and so it was one of those deals where he was practically in midtown station and then boom he was gone he was reading a magazine on the porch and then he disappeared and the magazine was still there but my great uncle claude calloway was never seen or heard from again and this is not some old ghost story or wives tale i mean this was a real relatives of mine and it was a tragedy in my family they never got over it they never had resolution and so it does make you wonder okay is it possible that these kinds of time warps are something that naturally occurs at various places around the planet which.

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Twenty Microseconds discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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