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Serious in interview there and he's incredibly thin skinned you wouldn't believe it would you demand was walking around once at twenty seven stone ten or whatever and yet he's got the finish skin one on the finnish skins of order of all the fighters of of covered in the last i just disagree with any of that frank warren those this is a long road back fury absolutely knows david price picked up the fighter always knows he'll he'll no of course is going to be in denial because he's just been loved up to the rafters at the manchester renew even thirteen fourteen fifteen or sixteen thousand people that allows you a few days of denial but at some point you'll have to look back on and realize that there's an awful lot of an awful lot of improvement what was so last night i use the word pantomine some people might be upset with that that was last night and jamie more touch than their last night was not the comeback last night was the vent to launch the comeback and it just they could've had it as a pet rally my almost you can almost as a pet rally go one of the gallaghers there to go along with the that was blaring around twenty thousand eighteen thousand people seeing screaming that's what that was last night it was a pet night with full round something fight you whatever you wanna call it that's why used the word pence i'm not been lately any either of the two fighters but that's what that was that was an event others in the media's have used the words fast and disgrace as they did in the build up being reiterated afterwards but whatever kind of smoke that creates around it let's analyzed performance and i have to say i was surprised at just how rusty fury was partly because in the cost last week we heard from fellow traveler tom little who'd been sparring with him.

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