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Fine until you showed up scoop for guests of the falcons and Vicky Cristina Barcelona I'm a big girl okay after the me too movement shine bring new light on a decades old allegations of sexual assault how do I feel about Woody Allen she muses in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter I love woody I believe him and I would work with him anytime Dylan Farrow Allen's adopted daughter with his ex girlfriend mia Farrow claims Allen molested her back in nineteen ninety two when she was seven an allegation Allen has always denied and for which he has never been charged last year Dylan's allegations resurfaced and the director's career took a hit one of his projects shelved actors like Selena Gomez. as Timothy shallow may and Mira Sorvino expressing regret for working with him. Allen filed a sixty eight million dollar lawsuit against Amazon earlier this year after the streaming behemoth canceled a multi film contract with the filmmaker arguing that the director's reputation has been tarnished in the wake of me too Jo Hanson says she's spoken to Allen about sexual abuse allegations I see what he whenever I can and I've had a lot of conversations with him about it I have been very direct with him and he's very direct with me he maintains his innocence and I believe him Johanneson is a vocal supporter of the times of movement last year calling out James Franco for wearing at times up into an award show after that appearance is several acting students he taught accused him of sexual misconduct Franco called the allegations and accurate and said if I've done something wrong I will fix it I have to how could a person public please stand by an organization that helps to provide support for victims of sexual assault. it leaves preying on people who have no power. I want my pen back by the way and so much of Hollywood has really distance itself from Woody Allen and his work some actors who worked with him expressing remorse for natural Hanson she says that she believes it will work with them again once again is A. B. C.'s today Norman Coleman whose time ten fourteen traffic.

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