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Philip Lindsay is rushed for ninety nine yards up the middle of this season. That is the most in the NFL. So for those of you that are looking at Philip, Lindsey, that stature, what he's built like you need to. You need to compare more to Dion Lewis than you do a guy like Chris Thompson, he is not all on the outside. He is not all about receptions. They're using him as a running back. As a power back. I mean, they arrive and they're like, bring in the little guy. Well, I mean, there are players like that. This is the easiest come, but I mean, Darren sproles gets he's had opportunities through his career to run up the middle. Danny Woodhead was used a lot on. They see what's fifteen for seventy one in week one fourteen for one. Oh, seven in week to only three receptions on the year. So you're treating him like a regular running back to you, play him over a guy like Dion Lewis this week who has to face Jacksonville, who would you start in that situation? While I've got Dion Lewis a little bit ahead of Philip Lindsay, Philip Lindsey was my pump, the brakes this week, and that's not to say you cannot play him. Philip Lindsay, you know, he's in the twenty s for my ranking. I worry being in Baltimore. I worry about him being on the road for the first time in his NFL career. I, you know, I went back. I watched the film and I'm Philip Lindsey believer. He's a good player. He's not. You know, he's not just running through wide open holes and anybody could do it. He's breaking tackles. He's shifty. So I'm not. I'm not saying you have to bench him, but I'm not excited about this matchup. I'm the only guy that I think, you know, I look at in this game and I would say, you know, I, I would really like to take a shot if I'm because everybody here in both sides of the game is just a, I feel like is a one I closed art through like you could see the board, but your depth perceptions a little off who's who's playing darts close on one of their eyes. That's I'm too good at Dr. Is how you aimed on Brown w blame a lot with one eye, not when you're playing darts. You really can see when you have a sight or a scope. Yes, you go. Don't use this dope when you played all the scope. All I see is the bulls eye. I put the scope of and then it's just Allred baby baby. They do. I, you know, Monaco, but it's all it's painted black. I believe that's called an eye patch. That's what I do. Are you saying pets go real expensive monocle I spray base rate black because you wanna look, I want to be sophisticated a regular eyepatches. That's more pirate. I mean. Gotcha. Yeah, put it this way. I took the never seen a pirate of the monocle have you. That's when you never wanna be mistaken as a pirate. Just speaking from experience. This is the game in general with a little bit of light, rain too. Good defenses to mediocre offenses. I'm taking the under and if I can look elsewhere for most of these players that's that's Crabtree or giambra like. I feel like we've been on this match for long enough, but John John ran has to be talked about the. That's why I asked question Mike nineteen point. One yards per of that's his average depth of target. The man is just bathing an area hards and and he's getting target volume now last week it was a little bit different when he had the ten targets because they had to come back..

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