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But jason our i'm good thanks for having me on the wall like many other cities uh i'm headquartered in cincinnati we've had a a cop shooting here all were two years ago in black lives matter is marching protesting doing whatever and this one police officer name ray tensing has been subjected to a murder charge we've had to hung juries and we see all over the country the occasional active police misconduct resulting in the power of black lives matter and things of that character so in your book 'false black power you talk about the misuse of the power that african americans have had to presumed to produce a measurable objectives good results for all african americans so what's the central point of your book well i thought that the brock obama presidency was a good time armed to look back on a civil rights strategy that in a place for about a half century now and that is the way up killer emphasis on electing black official putting more black office and hope that will help blacks rise socioeconomically black economic games would clone actually from having more lap political clout obama's pretty much the the the you know the combination of that strategy and i thought uh i could look back on his presidency and what happened in previous decades see how thing had been working out and i conclude that this strategy has not uh produced what a proponent fat it would purdue black clinical clout has not wag to uh black games economically closing of racial gaps and other areas went education income homeownership or what have you simply have not worked and i think that uh black leaders would do well to rethink the strategy that government you asked lacked depth agape politics without run for quick office or anything like that but the heavy focus that has been put on just simply accumulating black local power i think is not paid to.

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