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What club was up? You. Don't remember great. No the court connections. I think it was connection. It was a club downtown. It was in a hotel wasn't. It was gay but law straight people go there was downtown the greyhound. I don't remember. I don't remember. But so how'd you get out of Perth? Well, I I started making YouTube videos, your parents still live in Perth. No. So they've actually moved to Melvin Nell. And I'm over here in LA. So it's like we haven't been back in a year and a half. I used to just go back and forth between personnel. And then one time I came for a trip, and my parents were like, you know, what we found a place in Melvin we're gonna go and they left while I was like careful three week holiday. And I haven't been back in. Wow. You know Perth is a long way now. Okay. So to to fly from LA to Sydney because you have to go to Sydney, I is that seventeen hours. I think it's like fourteen or fifteen fourteen. So then you add another five to go to per. Yep. Oh my goodness. I love shade. You love show, you I love it so much everything about us show. I think. The work culture. I feel like people really have the head screwed on their about like you work to be able to provide yourself with a good life. And so the the lifestyle there is so it's just good people care about him Horton things. Healthcare's like free university is free as great public schooling. There's no guns. It's like they've really got. I feel like the important things down. And so then people get to relax inn, go to the beach and enjoy themselves. I think the sense of humor. There is just so lovely. You slap a bit of beet root on it in a row and of screen up Friday. Famille? So the other thing I went to ask you about was where do you what's the direction of this album where are you going with this album? So at this I was like this is the wanted to make last time, but didn't know how to and so I was so excited to have like worked really hot just developing. My skill set a little bit. So that I can I can make the music always wanted to make. It's like a little eighties inspired. It's it's. I'm not at all the fried of like pop music of this real pop moments on there. We love that. I wanted to make something that people could die. So I want to sing it prides for the rest of my life. Yeah. It's like a good time. And then as well, it's like a love letter. So who do we have to talk to you to get clearance for some of them are queens to lip sync my mind, or is there a better song that you think would make a good lip sync song? My mom is probably like the my old bloom would be the best ones. I think but you can talk to my label. They like upsets, well, you know, you would know which what we could about clearance. Yeah. But which song on the album would make the best lip sing song. I think my mind it's like it's got like a kind of chaotic energy. I think would whack that's ever made love everybody else loves it. You know, one thing before we get off the Perth things that we discovered a hotel in Perth as a world class hotel. Now, if you're listening, and you want to go to Perth, it's called the coamo the trick. It's a weird name. It's called coamo the treasury like a Lake Como or Perry. Como L C O M O. It's called the treasury. We go for years because he didn't see what the families. So we would..

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