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Time I looked. No no no no no no no no no it is not. It's one pizza for the rest of the one pizza speech you ever get to eat and he goes with Buffalo. Say but you're literally never seen you order a buffalo chicken. Know you're making something up because you're a little bit more interesting told me this. When was the last time you had a buffalo check when we were home we were having all the time? We're hot ninety seven and went to that thing in Hartford and what's at pizza place before I left my wallet the car fine. We didn't have a great show the next day my Walton car and got pineapple that day. Okay fine sometimes. I'd like to shake it up. Put Brad what not to say. They talk more guy just got pizza. I've never seen Buffalo. Never I've literally never seen you eat a buffalo chicken pizza. I don't know why I don't know why you would make something tech sixty six one seven. Says Mike is definitely lying about this. Oh this is crazy. This is just right three one eight. Three one eight says Green peppers for topping on. Oh you're GONNA you're gonNA eat green pepper pieces of the rest of the pick right now. Maple and you've seen me doing you see me doing. Okay Maple. Yeah but you always talk about how you love those two dollar meatballs. Beverly way those are more cheap. Matz Steve Steve. Love it really. It really depends on where the meatballs are coming from. And you've had a bad meatballs before there was the maples and the bowling. As that you had the other than the rest of the fellows and this is the other day but yeah they were not great. Who'S UP NEXT STEVE? I'M GONNA go with the jump around the Animal Kingdom Monico mushrooms really to the second round sixteenth pick. I don't know how I feel about classic. Steve Pick well gang. If it's back to me I don't want you to accused me. I don't want this to turn into a whole thing like when I said a Green Mile was my favorite movie. You guys jumped all over me. Who's in that but that's another. How did I forget this another Tom? Hanks Films Your is your favorite movie and you can't name an actor in it. Well you will. This is the thing you guys jumped rain. You guys jumping me for this all the time. I don't necessarily know the character's names I don't think that's what's important about movies. I think just the enjoyment. And that's where Steve's where I will say about Stevie knows everybody in every movie that so he picking your well you guys are going to say. This is a little nuts. I'm going onions. Fried.

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