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I mean he saved just live. Well. So he pulled George out right before the bolt broke. Yeah. Wow. That's pretty amazing. Yeah. They see the psychic mechanism and ISM is often connected to survival so that absolutely would make sense interesting. Yeah. But it also surprises me that. Now that I look back on it, someone with that kind of a brain whatever that brain is that he did fail in some things that I would think that he would not have like I remember he was trying to invent a blinking light so that let's say there's the construction and you want people to know the blinking light up ahead which we have a lot of today, but he take a hand truck. And he attached battery to it with a light in rigged up the wiring which everybody does today for the blinking light, but he could never perfect it to patent it. I haven't heard that when we so the light would go on if if it were connected, the late would flash it. When it was connected to the battery, the light would flash and it would be four. Danger ahead or slow down or you know anything like that but he never really perfected it where where I would think that if he was psychic or something why couldn't figure that out? Maybe it was not his to figure out. You know. This is interesting because my dad a long time ago told me that you know when a truck backs up and it goes B B Yes, my dad told me that you guys dad invented that I don't and I said, well, how come we're not rich than because all the darks us that and he said, well, because he was working for the Parks Department, at the time he invented. So he didn't technically own that invention it. Did you ever hear that one because? No, because then years later I asked him about it and he doesn't remember. Yeah. Yeah. No but it almost seems like the same..

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