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And I tell people that I never saw them argue now when I tell people that they say oh well that that means. They argued behind closed doors. Or that's not possible. Or that's the I've had people tell me that's not healthy. That can't be right or what whatnot? But it's not that these two people sometimes to stars come together from the sky and there was some destiny there and whatever. The long term plan was for them to come together. It happened and that just in my life there was just tremendous love between them and it wasn't a fake kind of insincere love. I mean this is true I mean it was just always there and there was just no friction so they got along so well they saw is just on everything. They loved being together. They love traveling together. They loved each other's company so they love traveling with friends but they love traveling together alone as well because they loved each other's company so the House I grew up in was that kind of household. Some people say well Tom. That was unrealistic household. Grow Up and you couldn't possibly match that but been married for thirty five years and I feel the same way about my wife and I you know I just can happen and can be done But I think you know to answer your question. My mom set that kind of feeling in our house with our kids growing up and and was just a great home to to be in as cool. Do you think that from an early age? You had an inkling you wanted to follow in your dad's footsteps it's interesting. I had two pets. I had the path by academic path. you know through high school. I was doing well and I ended up studying undergraduate at Harvard University before being out of school for two years in between When I was on a soap opera in New York. So you're wondering no but it's true. I can tell you because I was doing plays in high school and that was I was doing well but then I was also in the arts and for some reason in this country never the Twain shall meet. I don't know what it is about our culture. You know you go to Europe. And the arts are so encouraged by the the government you know. They're encouraged France or whatever it is you know they they encourage the arts here. They do but not really. I mean it's like you know you have to have private foundations helped fund the arts and whatnot and there's kind of a concept of feeling. I think here now that we're talking about the arts. I'll just tell you you know it's kind of like well you're just going to. We're not going to regard you as an artist until you make it quote unquote you know. That's not so true elsewhere. Here you get that feeling so being in the arts which I was in high school and also doing Academically was too divergent paths. That it was not something it was something. I had to make a decision so I got into a really good college and there. I was studying up there but I was still doing. Plays and I was doing a play in Boston. And somebody saw me and one thing led to another and the next thing I know being signed by the William Morris Agency in New York and thought what do I do so I took a leave of absence to see where that would go and within a couple of months. I was on one life to live which is ABC soap. And at that time this was nineteen seventy nine so barbara's were really big. They were the Vegas they were the biggest and ABC was huge. And I think our show is like number three and I think there were twelve soaps at the time most were in New York and so we were shooting there in New York and I did that for for a couple of years and then because I promised my grandfather the one who worked in coal mines who said to me. Promise me that you'll go to college and finish and I promised that I would. I could not go back on that. So when my contract came up on one life to live I dropped everything and went back. I transferred to Columbia University. So we're GONNA be in your and that's where I finished my degree because my promise to my grandfather and so I did that I went to study at Oxford University on Scholarship. I had written an essay on Virginia. Woolf a little known book that she wrote called the waves I mean most people know to the lighthouse. Mrs Dalloway and all the things that you get on your syllabus in college but there's some more obscure writings of hers That are really brilliant. Virginia Woolf was the kind of the original stream of consciousness writer before William Faulkner in this country and took up the mantle of stream of consciousness writing. She wrote a book called.

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