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And applauded center. Drops it for stamkos across the blue line is lot right? Took a plot. Shoot. Save made and the rebound gorgeous redirected, a wide left dope. Potluck at all. For the lightning tonight. Grace has been outstanding as well, boy, check out letty, etc. Ready? The puck is going to be plagued by mcdonagh, enlightening or corner. He's checked by not Martin line out again for the islanders. That's been so effective. Suzuki's is not to be ice by mcdonagh breeding point grabs point is tied up by Martin fives kucherov, not four nothing. Lightning trail surrogate. Flutes it in point pursues right circles, Zeke is has it. I watch it watch it out of place that penalty we're gonna say deflected. It was hard to tell six oh five up to the second four nothing. The islanders lead the will be the New York. But apparently, no penalty. By the hip a camera. That's what happened. It hit the camera deflected out of play. There's a camera right by the penalty box. The project is to wear the fees off should be. Let's say somebody's going to the box for that one. No, maybe. Minor penalty game. Wow. So I guess the decision was if the camera is out of play and the puck hits it then accounts as a delay of game. Even though it hit the camera. So it's a third lighting powerplay chance tonight. So it is a delay of game at thirteen fifty five. JT Miller right now on this first unit. He was playing.

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