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Two thousand seven so it was the end of july who took all of july after the draft in the trade for reality to convince kevin to get her now that's interesting so i do know that's another owner to owner wants so you've been involved in the only two that i two of the biggest transactions in celtics history the kevin garnett trade in a career victory yet will i'm involved deputy i'm definitely evolved in all the things that go wrong i think that's it go right you know it's danny and its brad nitz corinne people like that i want to ask you something about your team because it's been a great start to the season but you said in the beginning of the year that you weren't really sure if your team was a true championship contender i'm paraphrasing those were not your exact words but do you feel at this point that your team is a true championship contender or do you feel like you're maybe one superstar way even with gordon back were twenty three games in we don't have gordon um i think we're a team in the top tier of the nba but i can't say when i watch golden state and cleveland the finalists lebron's been seven straight finals as far as i can tell there are a couple or three teams that are really up their houston san antonio always seems to be there we'd love to be in that mix but we're gonna have to prove it for we said if you have gordon hayward on the roster healthy next year ju look at that core now with the young guys tatum and jaylen brown taking steps and playing so well and say okay we need to add some roleplayers tweak it deeper bansard you look at that and say we need one more star cause you to the their sort of that hierarchy of stars normally on a championship roster you mentioned golden state is a super team we all know what they have steph curry durant draymond klay thompson owen one record against this this here that's true is pretty darn without gordon hayward on your team so that lead me to that question do you feel you know with the healthy gordon you have enough or genie that one more star we don't have to make that decision will look in february at.

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