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Okay figure we're start with you to Here at the beginning done callous toxin this relationship specifically to give you less kenny omega talk time because their heels knows what the fuck you want. Yes but no no no no. I didn't talk during your entire thing. Okay i do have a rebuttal after this then okay. No no no. Let's let's let's go for chair. I thought about it. Because i used to be that guy because that used to make the arguments of like. It's okay that mj f wrestles the slow methodical matches. Because he's the he'll see. You wanna be bored so you get market on him. You're waiting for the baby face to come in. But that works in a match. Because when mj f. is like beating the shit out moxley and it's slow and methodical and boring. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop your waiting for moxley to pop off when it's a one person segment or in this case to you. You have to still be entertaining like j. f. is still entertaining. When he's doing he'll shit. And i think it does a disservice when you're he'll is like i'm gotta do a worse job and make a worse segment because i'm the bad guy and i think that's just that's bad logic in my mind like villains can be entertaining see loki. See kill monger. You can have good entertaining villains. And it doesn't lessen the product to say i'm gonna take away the entertaining villain and instead give you justin hammer from bantu. Actually not trying. That's unfair to justin hammer. We give funny okay. So i understand that you guys didn't like the promo i did. I understand you're thinking about it. Happening twice thousand because like you said it was an impact one off that they probably did do dine house favorite because they're using them in the story line like he's others giant by the numbers..

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