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And weather. Theis is news radio Wofl a Tampa WX TV HD to Clearwater. Governor Rhonda status in South Florida Tuesday with an update on spiking Corona virus numbers. He was joined by Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Jimenez and several municipal mayor's Miami's Francis horrors with an ominous warning. There is a significant amount of pressure right now for us to shut down at some level. And I think we are sort of at a critical juncture that if things do not improve quickie over the next week or two, I think we're going to be under significant amount of pressure to do something like that. A medical team from the Florida National Guard has been recalled to the Cova 19 Field hospital at the Miami Beach Convention Center. According to the city, the hospital has been unused. Since build out in April but should be operational by end of week. Florida reported Nearly 9200 new cases of covert 19 Tuesday 132 new resident deaths. After spending hours hearing from health experts and listening to citizens, both for and against the Collier County Board of Commissioners voted not to pass a mandatory mask mandate after courtroom trial stopped because of the Corona virus outbreak. Jails in the state are filled with defendants who don't have bail money. Some have been waiting behind bars longer than if they had been convicted of a crime. Attorney Matt Morgan tells news Channel eight Since March, his family has helped over 150 people across the I four Corridor post bail with the community Bail fund and now it's coming to Hillsborough County. We've always been interested in the criminal justice reform space and seeing the need of the community in Tampa was all too clear to us, and so this partnership is fantastic and that it's going to give People who really should not be incarcerated. The means to get out. A complete review of the criminal history of the offender is conducted before their chosen for the program with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. Virginia Hospital Center's top priority is protecting your health and safety face to face until the health visits keep you connected through all phases.

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