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Don't worry about it you got a sleaze ball lawyer is that simple take care Brian hello Brian welcome to handle on the law Hey I have a big problem with the casino that doubled my jackpot winning in two thousand fifteen so I got a letter in June that I owed seventy seven thousand dollars how much jackpot how much was the jackpot one hundred eighty four thousand dollars right now they're saying they doubled it thank you in the issue a check coming they didn't give it to your quarters it would get a slot machines no I understand but you won and they gave you a check they didn't want the thousand dollars in coins today I gamble every day of the week I'm not arguing that answer the question do they give you a check for that those winnings no how did you say you want a hundred eighty thousand dollars and how were you paid every every every time it's over twelve hundred dollars that goes to the IRS I don't understand how are you paid a hundred and eighty thousand dollars the ticket that comes out of the slot machine or they pay you by hand what is your what is it they gave you a hundred and eighty thousand dollars in cash yeah and then a double that number did I wait wait wait wait wait I'm I'm just sort of confused I've never heard of a hundred and eighty thousand dollars handed in cash by the casino and by the way by law they have to then withhold twenty or twenty five percent or whatever it is anyway you don't know what you're talking about thanks so much for calling and he asked me I love that all right author larger welcome are you there love the show thank you I am here okay I love the show and I know you're gonna make a lot out of me and I'm okay I'm just trying to help my ex wife okay she's not working she's disabled John are truly puts on hold because I I want to go through the entire question and we're running out of time this segment so I'll come back to her hand let's take a break this is handled on the long.

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