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Mobile news all the level of the go wage for rain showers tomorrow morning here's what trump did for thirty if you're going to the indy five hundred sunday you'll see more police officers walk in the area fans will notice the same uh three operations as seen in the past we will be continuing to work through a checking those coolers as they come in cooler sizes remained fourteen by fourteen by eighteen indianapolis motor speedway president bulldozers detractors also preparing for the possibility that vice president mike pence will the race but he said that reports has been confirmed at the white house if you're headed back to the tracks sunday watch stefo we can do less roof repairs we take your sprains screams bruises jeffrey bills is the irish medical director president trump says the civilized world will win the fight against terrorism one hundred percent arriving in brussels for a nato meeting the president called this week's manchester cherish bombing horrible thinkable work is well lawyer trump really refusing to hold hands with her husband the president here's fox's boxes correlation first lady melania trump is making social media headlines for refusing to hold the president's hand or at least that's what some are claiming it all started when the trumps landed in israel the president reached for his wife's hand she appears to swatted away example to occurred in rome the first lady was accused affording another attempt by brushing a piece of hair from her face if only there was a song for this oh yeah carly guess fox news.

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