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Market kosovo hera talk about social injustice equality and why a woman or asserted that word decided to toby showed up in in trouble so thank you whatever her name is on the window remain but i appreciate with lou my known of jiagelo says no one else does best best purpose because i can sit up here and sanwa was really a important and how walking help change kids uh not only in america but in brazil and england in mexico mexico in an all over it also so thank you all we will not uh shut up in dribble um that is something that's very minute and a grand scheme of things the how we live everyday life and we will continue to be nam in old greater than a you know anything that they will try to depict us bring us down so um you know at the end of the day we want to continue to conversation going in for me here sitting here as a role model uh as a leader um as a father as a friend as a husband another son and many more i will continue to limo voice cotin live my efforts in my um in on the face of to help you know to grave carso that was lebron james you'll hear what i have to say about that and so much more than a minute you listening lobbed stephen a smith show espn radio that was todd that with straight talk brought to you by straight talk while as best phones best networks no contract straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on america's lodged the most dependable four g lte networks.

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