Atherosclerosis, Kidney Damage discussed on WIBC Programming


Okay okay what can vitamin D. B. C. three times but it could be taxes are taken to high levels is it goes above a hundred fifty becomes a toxic level and what how does that manifest itself no consequences of high vitamin D. is nausea that was one of the things that this person was talking about anorexia the in other words you you can't you don't want to eat weakness headaches and that was a big problem that we've seen are probably one of the first things we see is an increase in headaches excessive urination it can cause mental retardation and if you're taking it as a as a too high levels too high of levels can actually damage the brain remember it's very important for the nervous system it's important that you don't go too low but it's also important don't go to prime extreme digestive disturbances it can cause atherosclerosis it can cause dermatitis and it can cause irreversible kidney damage I have had a patient who came in for treatment and the cause of their kidney damage was from taking too high vitamin D. can also cause kidney stones it can calcified the soft tissue an interesting so you can get some really serious types of issues if you're if you're taking too much vitamin D. and you find when people these patients you're talking about that have come in was it something they were doing on their own well the one was a kidney damage was actually prescribed by a physician okay without doing blood test that was during the big vitamin D. craze mmhm so that and put everybody in vitamin D. everybody was getting put down last without a lapse in without rejection so most of the time it is people who are deciding to do it on their own who have read them and another was a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous so what are some of the symptoms of low vitamin D. well one of the things in their search we've just had a patient so recently they have this I have a vitamin.

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