Santa Ana, President Trump, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


24 hour news room. Santa Ana says Orange County has violated a settlement to stop transporting homeless people into the city. Public information Officer Paul Egan's says the city has filed an amended lawsuit to stop the process when they're really coming from other cities, and they aren't people who are from Santa Anna. It puts an undue burden on the city of Santa Ana when really the county and other cities should be sharing that responsibility, he says. Public records show since 2019 more than 100, homeless people have been arrested in surrounding cities brought to the county lockup in Santa Ana then released with no way to go back to their city supervisor, and Trudeau says the accusations are unsupported and a political stunt. Food truck Park in San Francisco, has been turned into an outdoor barbershop about 24, barbers and hairstylist have been giving trims and cuts at Soma Street eat food park masks are mandatory and so's physical distancing. Nail artists will also soon be offering manicures and pedicures at the Food Park. Joe Biden has visited with the family of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Blake was shot multiple times by police last month. His family says he's paralyzed from the waist down. The shooting has led to protests. ABC Zoran Shah says the protest in Kenosha have calmed down the past few days. There haven't been any Those tense clashes since the last Tuesday. A lot of people I spoke to over this weekend during that big protest that happened here, they said They were hesitant for Trump and buying just politicians in general to come to their state. They said they really wanted to focus on their own healing. Lytton says he believes he can use his trip for community leaders to find common ground. He also met with law enforcement President Trump went to Kenosha earlier this week and mostly praised police. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the federal government is to blame for the way covert 19 hit his state so hard, Cuomo says the federal government failed to stop the fight. I was from entering New York City. The virus came to New York from Europe, and they blew it. They missed it. It was their failure. It was their negligence. The White House had sent a letter threatening to cut federal funding to Democratic cities because of their handling of protests and riots this summer. Afterwards, President Trump said on Twitter, Cuomo's handling of covert 19 had been incompetent.

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