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Okay rushing back who cares lost i understand that but it can he play kenny play but this is how he got hurt again in the first place they keep rushing back jerked him around going on the dl let him he'll he'll be fine or maybe if they put a team together we can start going for a playoff push me i play off what is that next next year you're talking about probably on the mentioned five years but hey whatever well he could be in five years go come on i want to trade him but it stops at torres only tore it that's it handle harmed frazier you wouldn't do toro's that's it yeah i i understand what you're saying i got to be more realistic than yankees are making that trait are making i think i'm being realistic and fair as a met fan who doesn't want to trade the ground and i keep continue to say that but we have to talk about it right go knows maybe they will to me if i'm trading him to the yankees i gotta have two guys that immediately go into my starting are part of my starting lineup i know i'm not getting torres i'm not even asking for them i'm not even asking for i don't know if i'd want sanchez at this point i would take him but i wouldn't even ask for him i want and i want clint frazier those two guys have to be inaccurate they immediately go into the starting lineup and we go from there if you're not getting those two guys there's no trade and i think that's fair fair trade is it fair or not it's fair okay i'm gonna say it's going to happen and it probably is not but think that's a fair trade and then i probably want sheffield on top of that or another prospect takes is gonna play this way i don't see how frazier stays on team phrase is gonna get dealt probably for a pitcher somewhere oh it's pitcher and there really aren't a lot of good bitches out there hamels bramble's much forever no i don't like former okay and you would trade fat no i don't like any of these guys you only guy like the prime not gonna get us blake snell okay well you yeah and you trade for for bumgarner obviously and the grind right right that's it right okay right i don't like lies pitches out there but i get that fraser probably has no place in this team right right you know realism met fan those are the guys after have i won't even ask the torres he's untouchable i understand that i be wasting my time i get it but we'll see let's see i don't know i don't know what the mets are gonna do i don't think they know what they're gonna do a seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six david brookefield design a fan i dave joe how you doing buddy what's up dave good i gotta ask it so let's say i i respect your your thoughts that you don't want to trade the grammy such a great pitcher but if the mets don't trade with the yankees where are they gonna get these players dave on not even not look i'm not saying i'm against trading with the yankees i'm not even saying that i'm not saying nobody has prospects like like the yankees and so i.

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