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So he has two chances left to do it. We don't know what that third preseason game is going to look like. So here we go. Here's the chance for again training camp bingo. Regardless of whether they trade to kill Harry or keep Nikhil Harry if he plays well in a preseason game it's good either way right? Because he's either gonna it's either gonna increase his trade value or it's gonna solidify the fact that maybe the light has come on for Nikhil Harry and they're actually gonna have a weapon out of this player. Because most of the time and not all the time. And there are certainly instances where guys get it in year three year four year 5 later on in their careers. But from an eye test perspective it does feel like for the most part you kind of know almost right away if a guy's going to be really really good or not and the NFL there's very few first round picks. Let's call it. Maybe some of those a guy like Julian Edelman right who's a 7th round pick and it takes some three or four years to break out as a receiver. But guys that are first round picks like Nikhil Harry you are either really really good right away or it's clear that you were overdrafted. There's not all there's usually not an in between. Some of those guys for instance Cordero Patterson. They can find a role for themselves in the NFL even though they don't pan out as a receiver. But you're either Justin Jefferson or you're Nikhil Harry if you're a first round pick. You're either a stud right away or you're not..

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