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All right so this is from a day at the races now. This record went platinum which is pretty good but You know a night at the opera went triple platinum and the next album after this. This came out december tenth. Seventy six the next album after this Went four times. Platinum of course had the the big hits We are the champions. We will rock you But anyway this is definitely a situation where i remember at the time that i was one of the big narratives about this album. Possibly not being as well received as a night at the opera is no roy. Thomas baker. so roy. Thomas baker had been there producer from the first album. All the way up through queen to sheer heart attack at night at the opera. He's known as big flamboyant guy Loves his wind loves his cars You know he's as big figure as the queen guys. Are you know or certainly say. Say a freddie mercury so i could see those two guys have evolved together right but anyways you know and he's also known as a big experimental no-expenses-spared like you know. Things cost a lot of money when roy thomas baker was producing But and that. And that's why that's why queen got to where they were. I think roy. Thomas baker could really be credited. A lot with With a lot of the vocal experimentation that resulted in that big queen sound but on this record The idea is that no. We're going to go it alone. we're going to self produce. You wonder if that would have had a more to do with With egos and control more than thinking roy. Thomas baker wasn't bringing anything to the table but again We do have a we do have a A sort of silent partner secret weapon in the likes of mike stone now mike stone sadly no longer with us but he went on to be a pretty big producer himself with the likes of journey but I'm just pulling up my vinyl copy here of Of a day at the races. And we've got to. Where did we have that credit. management recorded in england. John deacon okay. Yeah that's right so on day at the races. I remember seeing this so not on the back cover the back cover all just says all titles composed arranged and performed exclusively by queen and then even on the gate fold. There's nothing about a production credit. And i have to go to the actual a record label itself where it says produced by queen engineered by mike stone. Okay Now when you get to news of the world Right on the back cover. It says produced by queen assisted by mike stone. So that's kind of cool and we know news of the world is a great sounding record and it was like a say a super successful record as well but for a number of reasons a day at the races. You know being the black version of the white album with the same album cover art and the same you know configuration design and even even kind of the same You know a similar mix for songs rican matchup songs from the first one to the second one in and you could arguably call them week. T. versions of those same songs on you know from night at the opera two a day at the races. There were a lot of complaints about this record That maybe maybe it came out too fast. Maybe it's a little bit too rough. And i definitely remember people saying you know. Part of the problem is they're self producing. They're they're not making this with roy. Thomas baker you know looking for some reason why they were. People were vaguely unsatisfied with it. Granted it did have your tie your mother down and somebody love you. Know some of the big huge queen songs of all time But there you go. That certainly is one of these that fits in this idea of you know. The results were not as good when we went to sell production. Let's take a short break. We'll be right back all right back again here. History and five songs with martin popoff episode hundred twelve self produced albums Take us into our third selection. This.

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