Carter, Vice President, Bill Clinton discussed on Tim Constantins Capitol Hill Show


Went away carter to do just faded away and what he did was he did a number of good works around the country he was involved with certain charitable organizations he did all kinds of nice things muddy and once ciller great wile e e i i want to say years and years later he came out and criticized some other presidents but in general he didn't spend his time trying to chip away at reagan in 1980 one or eighty two would likewise let's say when george w bush george herbert let me try that it again george herbert walker bush reagan's vice president when he became president in nineteen eighty eight election he beat mike do conquered when he became president in nineteen 89 might do caucus was not out beating the drums trying to tell you all the things that george herbert walker bush was doing wall just did he gracefully went on and did his thing bill clinton beat george herbert walker bush and nineteen 92 and bush gracefully went away despite the pact clinton said and did some really nasty things about him he gracefully went away actually did a lot of charitable work and embraced bill clinton much the way a father and son relationship would be became good friends with the clinton's years later when bob dole lawsti when did good work see did not spend his time criticising bill clinton day in and day out an and so on i could go through every single election but for some reason hilary clinton is just pathetic she honest to god believed she was entitled to win this presidency to she was the losing the she was the democrat nominee last year she was the losing candidates in the presidential election she lost to donald trump and so she appeared now she was on a an event with we've seen a couple of three or four times in last week she has been out use of a commencement ceremony but she's done appearances on different shows places an event spite so she was at this tech conference and the media covered in msnbc cnn under the others covered.

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