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Hosted by emma pock. It's nearly christmas. Time albeit sadly a rather unusual crispus the old english word for christmas. Is you a name which derives according to the english dictionary from the north or something like that. He then festival. Boston twelve days in europe we have been rebelling in feasting in the dacas month of the f. millennia. It was the roman emperor. Constantine who in three hundred thirty six eight hundred decided to graph a celebration of jesus birthday or at least his official birthday onto the roman celebration of the birthday of sol invictus. The unconquered some. This festival took place on the twentieth of december. Just after the winter solstice and midwinter festival in the saturnalia the saturnalia. Like the celebration of christmas. All through the middle ages by many accounts was that rookus boosy and debauched a fan. By the time we get to the seventeenth century. christmas it becomes so wild. At least in england that in december sixteen forty four. An ordinance was passed by the puritan minded parliament that lambasted the citizens of our forefathers who have turned this feast pretending the memory of christ into an extreme forgetfulness of him by giving liberty to connell and sensual delights. In victorian england. Christmas was redefined again as a family event. Thanks not least to the publication of charles dickens heart warming novella a christmas carol phosphor to the twenty century and you might have thought the christmas was nothing more than a clever advertising strategy combined with an opportunity for family arguments or the cultural letting self go. The office. party may suggest. Return to insurance room for so-called warren. Christmas have been circulating in america for over one hundred years according to david. Johnson an academic king's college pennsylvania in the nineteen. Twenties industrialist henry ford alleged that the jews were the ones waging a war on christmas in one thousand nine hundred nine the right conspiratorial john birch society alleged that it was the communists who are trying to take the christ out of christmas law. Recently they're an interest right. Have regularly made allegations of the war on christmas in the twenty first century donald trump most recently claimed to have made merry christmas acceptable again under his presidency. In britain. newsday's we often take a cue from the us trends. Which start over there from fashions and films to ideologies and even conspiracy. Theories will have reverberations on the side of the pond. So has anyone in the uk claimed in recent years. There is a war on christmas. Do any christian groups over here feel threatened by the way. Christmas is celebrated or not celebrated by the rest of us to answer these questions. I'm joined bialystok. Richton head of education at the ns alastair. Hello hi. i'm offense humming again. in december. Twenty seventeen euro two blog post examining the claim by some religious groups and individuals that that was a war on christmas in the uk festival. As far as he'll concerned has the ever been a war on christmas over here. Well i've been fascinated by the war on christmas narrative for men for a long time. I think even. When i was a kid there was a beano christmas special so gone back quite a way where the bass street kids puts on civic play because the head teachers were complaining schools. Don't do the real meaning of christmas anymore. I became very interested in this when writing my master's degree thesis on persecution narratives on us christian rights. I should say this is predominantly an american cultural wall expert. But they're all domestic versions of the war on christmas across the anglosphere and even beyond in this country and of course christian majority informally christian majority countries. of course. the only people who've ever tried to ban christmas have been puritans in that car. Religionists upset to the more secular aspects that all parts of the world where this christmas christians and authorities minorities will be dealing with genuine persecution. And of course this year many people's christmases secular or religious will be disrupted often deeply painfully so by covert. But that's not what the warm christmas murphy's really a balanced. If we look at the first two decades of the twenty first century what were the main instance in the uk in which session christian groups alleged. That was a war on christmas. And what was their response to this illegible. These are too numerous in fall. Two trivial to go into all of them Sorts of things that people in the uk as something. You can go upset about things like an christmas. Outlets featuring non traditional families or visibly non-christian participants christmas messages from companies or institutions. Being to set killa or daring to use symbols but not in an approved way up. Believe greg's one year did a sausage roll thing with the jesus as as as the baby in the manger got. Some certain people very upset schools. And what are often accused of banning christmas if they change or total even cancel made particular seasonal activities as a persistent myth offices are banning. Christmas parties The equality of rights commission even looked into this and found. No evidence shops are often criticized for not selling religious versions of particular items such as advent calendar. So christmas cards when the reality is that shops are commercial enterprises that respond to demand very religious calendars versus and i think calendar with a disney cartoon character. All marvel Outs popula ten taps. You just do. We have often Moral panics a supposed lack of religious literacy. When actually what's happening is people are not having such unified religious ideas and of often Particular christmas seasonal variants are those types of stories are there any particular incidents which he would pick out as in strating this war on christmas allegation. I think the most famous is on. It's actually comes from nine hundred ninety seven so quite a bit but it has had an enduring. Legacy is the winter vo story for those of you. Who may not be familiar with this. Quite in nineteen ninety-seven bumming him. City council had an idea to try and capitalize on the tourism potential of number of culture events. Taking place from october through to fuji. January of of these. Christmas was by far the biggest. But also had guy fawkes night to wally Hanukkah and there's events and so the city council put together brocha cold winter full joy attention to all of the things going on during this time period. Actually quite a quite good idea if you want to get people coming into the city center and spending money but the daily mail uncertain of a sources presented this as a loony lefty council banning christmas replacing it with politically correct winter volt and that myth is continue so every year you will read on twitter and even here in parliament that some local councillors band christmas and replaced it with winter full The daily mail. Repeat this story from time to time. Even though they themselves were forced to printing correction admitting that they've misrepresented.

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