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Helping business leaders grow themselves thirteen and their prophets bis his andrei leadership now here's your host can goldman from the music city this is the broadcast of leaders by leaders four leaders thank you so much for joining the conversation are feature conversation is with multi bestselling author and frequent guest of this broadcast he is john gordon his new book is out i love this is called the power of positive leadership tell you a little bit more about it shortly and then bringing in one of our team members for this episode tim smith this is a fun conversation very prachakorn talk about what we do it ramsey solutions as relates to intention aladi on culture building ann coulture retaining so that's a lot of fun and of course we're gonna have some free resources for you to help you grow yourself your team and you're profits so john gordon is back he's been on with a several times in that as i mentioned this new book really excited me and you're gonna hear this in the conversation john has been obviously a leadership and personal grow speaker and author and over time as his books became bestsellers as it happens with so many folks but word gets out books get passed around and what he is seen is a huge opportunity to personally coach and then corporately teach to a lot of professional football teams up college sports teams of all sports it's amazing if you look across the board of all the different groups he's talked to and what i find interesting about this is because you've got people who are competing their competing for championships they looking for the edge and they bring john in.

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