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GONNA see her a couple of weeks. I'll Samurai buyer good picture now hollister. Are you okay when you see her next weekend. Talented please <hes>. Do you want to go with me. Were you on the convention right. Yeah Star Trek eventual does go. It'd be gentle. You just go for one day. We'll tell it off air. Hi <hes> Mattel tiring if you see her when you see her. Tell her to get on the New Star Trek show card. We'll talk about that here. I got news for you on that. Oh all right so next name gets bigger. I love it. I'm glad we have so much space right here. New Studio <hes> has a big it really what do you call. It rafters that what it's called rat. I don't know what you're talking about. Where people sit at a football stadium in highschool nature's bleach haven't been here? I have a lot of room and I'm pretty sure this table were sitting at is as big as the other boys. Yes <hes> pretty closely. <hes> guess WHO's bigger Michael Zavala or Tom Green Tom Green I'm showing him to they also have a picture of a floating around here somewhere. You're not in it though wait no I'm. I'm writing his armpit so the correct answer..

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