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Traffic and weather starts now. I'm Martha our it's twelve o'clock. Here's our top story. I am very pleased to announce that an arrest has been made a big break in the healthcare case there has been rest in the alleged sexual assault of a long-term. Intellectually disabled woman has to healthcare in Phoenix she gave birth late last month. We began our team coverage on this developing story with KTAR's Jim cross Ernest. Six year old Nathan Sutherland, licensed practical nurse arrested. Phoenix voice shaved Jerry Williams says that suspect provided care to the victim and now will be charged with sexual assault and abusing vulnerable adult. He was arrested based on DNA. We have worked virtually non-stop every day every night seven days a week trying to solve and resolve this case police say the baby is doing well. And this investigation continues to determine if there are possibly more victims, or if there are any more suspects at Phoenix police headquarters, Jim cross KTAR news. Here on one count sex assault across felony count child or vulnerable moments ago. Nathan Sutherland made his first quarter appearance following his arrest. The judge said a bond of half a million dollars. His attorney told the judge he has had no prior felonies and said there was no evidence that he's guilty. His next quarter appearance was said to January third we'll bring you more details on the arrest of the suspect in just moments but first at twelve o one with traffic every six minutes, here's Larry Lewis live from the Delhi Chevy dealers traffic center. We'll Martha we've got that closure. Still going it's Dunlap shutdown between twenty third in one thousand nine hundred ninety due to that crash northern or Peoria would both work as alternates. West side collision on Bullard at van Buren. Right at the intersection, then forty fourth street at Camelback busy intersection. There. You've got a wreck there to this report sponsored by some male medical get your peak performance back with summit male medical summit male medical four eight zero three nine eight one thousand or summit male medical dot com. That's summit nail medical dot com. I'm Larry Lewis, Katie. T A R news. Sunny skies today. Expect a high of sixty degrees low tonight if thirty nine and we're gonna reach up to seventy again tomorrow for your forecast weather brought to you by Howard air. It's fifty seven degrees and to and Phoenix in twelve o two at this time. More on our top story now on the arrest of a suspect had has CNN healthcare that the cylinder releasing a statement following the arrest of Nathan Sutherland, we continue our live team coverage now with KTAR Ashley flood, she's live in the news center. The facility is apologizing following the arrest of Nathan Sutherland, a thirty six year old licensed practical nurse who's been with hacienda for the past eight years. They say they're sending their deepest sympathies to the client and her family. Hacienda added Sutherland underwent, an extensive background check before getting hired but was terminated as soon as they learned of his involvement in the case the facility says they're increasing security measures to ensure the safety of all their patients, and we'll do everything they can to ensure Justice in the case the family releasing a statement moments ago saying there. I'm aware and arrest has been made. But they're asking for privacy live in the news center. Ashley, flood KTAR news KTAR's neyla Leon and the healthcare facility says Nathan Sutherland went through an extensive background check before he got hired KTAR's legal analysts, Monica Lindstrom says this this is where I can say they did everything they could to prevent this. And we're not like negligent. However, if they keep track, you know, where their nurses were at certain times didn't have cameras at certain places that most other facilities have been that. They could be on the hook for negligence Lindstrom tells the Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes show he could spend up to fourteen years behind bars. So they're lend has no prior felonies on his record live, a new center nylon KTAR news, keep it here on KTAR as we bring you the latest on the investigation throughout the day. You can also catch the entire press conference by Phoenix police at KTAR dot com. The parents of an alleged sexual assault victim are suing. His school district and his teachers husband KTAR Peterson more is live in the news center with the story. Parents of that thirteen year old boy are suing the liberty elementary school district for two point five million dollars after his teacher was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing him. For lawsuit says the district new Brittany's a more a talk with students like the alleged victim with the class craft app. Which was the tool that Brittany used to groom the sixth grader into a romantic relationship with her? Parents attorney Steve Weinberger hopes the lawsuit prevents sexual abuse of all school children. It also accuses Moore's husband of negligence live Peter say more KTAR news learning more about the woman accused of dumping her dead newborn baby instead an Amazon facility in west Phoenix. According to court documents Twenty-seven-year-old Samantha revere had no idea she was pregnant she told police it gained fifteen pounds, but never felt the baby moving inside of her and hadn't visited a doctor in the past year. This was a judge during her initial quarter. Last night, courtesy of TV partners ABC fifteen while it may be offensive to people to assume that you've just wrapped up a baby and put it in the trash can at this point. There's nothing indicating that you actually harmed that baby. Maybe you're told police the baby was not alive when she delivered it last week. She has been charged with abandonment and concealment of a dead body following a series of public meetings. The Phoenix city council is expected to vote on the two hundred thirty million dollar plan to renovate talking stick resort arena. Phoenix would shell out one hundred fifty million dollars in tourism tax money. Sons picking up eighty million city councilman is held to seize you. Join this morning news today and says he opposes the deal. But expects the council to approve it you'll for city taxpayers. It's not fair to the city. I would say that it's just one of miscarriage of Justice, basically with some of the city of Phoenix says revenue stream has the sons making about fourteen million dollars a year that meeting at city council headquarters will be at two thirty will be there bringing you the very latest. Phoenix hero is being laid to rest today. KTAR's Ali vetnar is live in Peoria where the funeral for Phoenix firefighter. Rick tell us just ended Allie. That's right Martha moments ago the honor guard, escorted forty-five-year-old Rick us, his five children, wife and other friends and family outside of the church here at right behind his fellow crewmembers holding his yellow duty helmet turnouts in boots. Just last just last week, Phoenix firefighter. Rick tells passed after a three year fight with throat cancer that is being considered a line of duty death because he contracted it. As a result of the toxins. He was exposed to while working in the fire service for eleven years. Phoenix fires. Larry suburbia says the fire service has had a cultural makeover in the recent years with cancer awareness. Our firefighters carry two sets of turnout gear to work. We had never done that before. And the reason for that is if they go on a fire. Traditionally you you finish a far you take your turn out. You throw him in the back of the truck. And you're all breathing the fumes and everything off those now soon the fires over can we turn turnouts? They get put in plastic bags and they get sent into get washing. Everybody grabs her second set of turnouts. The procession is now headed to the cemetery where the bell ceremony will take place as well. As the flag presentation the taps in a flyover is scheduled live. From see CVS Peoria. I'm Ali vetnar KTAR news. At twelve. Oh, seven with traffic every six minutes. Here's Larry Lewis live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Martha the freeway drive continues to look good this afternoon. We do have the closure though Dunlap in between twenty third and nineteenth avenue. Try Peoria or northern. Instead, you're also gonna find a wreck forty four th street at Camelback then Bullard van Buren got a crash there too. I'm Larry Lewis KTAR news..

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