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So we're going to go with it. Okay. Because he's been able to do a lot of different voodoo magic as the series progressed he has. And I wanna lean on that because I think as a magical being that puts him a huge leg up on a human being was he able to just transfer his soul to someone else. And he thought it was supposed to be the first person he revealed himself. He, he is tried multiple times with multiple people throughout the child's play movies, and generally, what's up. It hasn't worked. Well, the problem is he keeps getting interrupted by other people may problem that will not happen in a one on one. Encounter. Give me the power. I beg of you. Here's the thing, even if he does transfer like what's it's, it's Tyrian and Chucky. There's no one else there. Right. So who's he transferred any and by the way, when we when we did venom versus hell boy, how did we say, would work if then them, who's possessing Eddie Brock, venom, then possessed hell boy, does that mean then if any real nebulous real quick got real weird. The point came to be that if he took over hell boy for any length of time and Eddie Brock was taken out of that battle that help boy was gonna win that fight. That is what we agreed to in the moment. Okay. So I've got a question is there has it ever been stated because I'm not quite sure if this if Chucky takes over your body does that soul, then completely diminish, or, or is it like a trap, like, is it a whole Bruce banner type it in my mind the way in, I'm not even thinking that this is going to be necessarily the way he defeats in Lancaster. I think it's going to be stabbing. I really do. I think it's going to be stabbed from putting his, his soul in the host of a lot of other objects around him and attacking him on mass. If, if he can't just overpower immer trick him into submission to begin with. If for example, he was, too. I it's really nebulous, if he was to take over the soul of Tyrian Lancaster, it's not one hundred percent with the soul is trapped inside forever. Or if it just disappears in his pooped out of reality, but, I would I would I would just say, if he took over, Terry Lancers body and walked away, leaving the Chucky empty husky but Chucky doll behind that's kind of a victory, he has won the day. And I think you could safely say he achieved victory in those in those conditions. Not sure agree with that, but I can't bring a lot to disagree with that. And it's like it's, it's real nebula said, I'm not gonna lean on that, too heavily that to be known as a thing that's out there, not exactly where I think this fight is going to be won or lost. Okay. So example of power more than these specifics takes place in like the chamber room of Tyrian Lancaster, or in the game of thrones like root realm in a room somewhere in that say, low tech environment, the higher ticket goes, the more. I think and this is up to the judge determine where it takes place. But definitely the more elect, because Chucky knows about this stuff to make it a little more fair. We generally in the course of these battles Damian, Wayne versus Arya stark for example, same kind of deal. We dumbed down the environment..

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