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R acom call now kfi am 640 anthony some of those stuff that i like best in your book where the summarize stories and it reminded me there's one that you tell about the a guiding watson nabi actually he shows up in a couple your stories but there is a battle at the the rush amman gate you remember that story uh not wholly no which would be can you go through it and i'll i'll remember you straightaway them well i i gave you the name of the the uh let me see if i could bite at here is the name of the warrior was watanabe and got a the fight at rush ahmad gatewell tanabe one of the samurai the this tale a retainer to write go yeah he is very much the achilles a legendary worry at i he is asking if there are any demons left to japan and is told there was one at kyoto at this gate and so he sets itself up there and goes to to take it out your you don't remember the story yeah did basically they've for the licnen publicly about nato ninety story oh i you know including the vote can other stay up published about four hundred thousand would cope your blocked me i'll give them a lot michael let me go through the memory i gotcha sure yeah i wish take a long time that the gave the vedeno area you wait for that certain calling on the time waiting for certain time any the kumbirai killed at him by don't remember exactly i would killed even know as is there such a thing is demonic possession in in japan that they think with him takeover people yes yes definitely fight the patil the nineteen quinn acting they still considered an entire family were thing that reputation for staying because if the money possession but he was again going back to help protect the someone in the family the paul new be no one of the box come on then they could only murray or the coq families than what people don't realize in japan he's got without them on eight cold at the on heating on they were not allowed fake the.

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