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This podcast cast by mentioning that I get some of the facts Roy stories through the freedom of Information Act no simple task. There's a lot of information now accessible missile to the general public the catch. Is that whatever. You're really searching or searching four must be phrased exactly for example. I was researching information on world. War Two submarines. So that's how I phrased it. After about forty days I got back a note. Say No information could be. He found So rephrased it German submarines and I got the same response but when I queried you one ninety six thanks. I got back home folder. Full that I couldn't find anywhere else on the Internet. Also keep in mind that much of the information available from the F. A.. A was classified decades sometimes even centuries ago and some reclassified because it contained data that Might Tarnish celebrity or president that said for this podcast. I needed information from the grant administration his first term in eighteen sixty nine regarding secret agents. I knew that the first full time secret agent service came about during the Teddy Roosevelt time both terms terms as president. He had two secret service agents with him at all times but somewhere in the back of my head I had stumbled onto information. That grant TAT Secret Service. This podcast was originally going to be about the origin. So the secret service what I got back from the freedom of information enact change the direction of this podcast in eighteen. Sixty nine. When you Lucy's asked grant was elected as the eighteenth president of the United States the civil the war was still a ragged nightmare? Grant was a war hero. I had always heard that. Although British favored the confederates that they decided to sit on the sidelines. And just to see who emerged victor in the civil war so I was surprised when I received my response from the F. A. that the British had supply both arms and gold to aid the confederates. The rationale was they were more interested in the textiles and tobacco coming from the southern states than anything. The Industrialized Union Union states had to offer. I was confused by this information. My request was on grant administration secret agents. The following information is what changed the direction of this podcast. It turns out that the union had any number of spies and spy rings. As General in chief grant was acutely aware that confederates were meeting and receiving gold from as far away as Pacific northwest. Today's Oregon coast one ship sighted in F. A.. report was coming from London it was HMS Warrenton that set sail L. in eighteen sixty five loaded with arms ammunition and gold. This is where secret agents during the grant administration came in from the first you of his first term as president grant created a branch of agents whose sole purpose was to track down British gold in response to this this information I sent a slew of letters to the freedom of Information Act request information on these agents and their success. Needless to say I I phrased and rephrase my request differently for each letter hoping to get one single response and I did one response. For Ten letters I eagerly tore open the oversized envelope defined four sheets of paper about eighty percent of which the content had been redacted or blacked out the pages. Were obvious photocopies of a ledger. Diary or log book. I couldn't tell because nothing was labeled what wasn't blacked out was hand. Dan Written in a flowery script..

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