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Hi i'm johnny isakson us with an amazing story from hurricane harvey shortly after that hurricane that ravaged the east part of texas i receive an email from a pastor steep baker steve and his wife am were up in alaska preparing their longtime home for sale it was virtually empty now they had moved all their belongings into their new retirement home located not far from beaumont texas everything they owned had been sent ahead to their new komen texas and his hurricane harvey hit landfall in that state they were backup in alaska glued to the television weeks later pasture steve wrote me saying johnny we saw our house on the weather channel as a boat motored down the middle of our street and by the time i got to checks says everything in the house that we'd shook the head was pod indiscriminately in the front yard when i arrived on the scene the paul had been stuck there for ten days it was one big stinking slimy mess i was heartsick as spent the first few days randomly picking through the paul for anything of value that we could list on our claimed to fema at the end of the eighth day i was convinced i've found everything that was worth saving but then i noticed a little section which evidently i had overlooked in this paul i found my missing cowboy boot the mailbox and lots and lots of books jumbled between layers of sheet rock not one book with salvageable most had to be handled with clubs pastor steven one to say johnny i started lifting a pieces of debris to see what was underneath an ice spied the corner of the plastic slip cover of our treasured beyond suffering bible the one that you had autographed and sent to me the plastic was sealed virtually pristine like at a just verdict in the mailbox the slip cover had hardly any dust on it from the sheep rock and only one or two minute stains i ran into the house and gave the slip cover a quick wipe with alcohol to kill bacteria and remove the stains i assume that the bible inside will be all swelled up and slimy put to my amazement the bible was also pristine literally unspoiled now there is absolutely no natural explanation for why this bible survived as it did even under normal circumstances leaving a bible outdoors in the gulf coast heat and humidity for three weeks it would damage it.

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