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I for different reasons if if memory serves is seemed like a movie that men tended to get more attached to women's as a manager is the time where i should say i may i remembered i liking a lot as a man and a female friend also liking a lot as a person who was not a man but i definitely can see why men would because this is this is one of the questions i wanted to ask you because watching this movie with the frame that was going to talk about on this show i'm like this movie is bad to watch a movie on a thing that is not one of his strength and focusing on it and i feel like it must make movie watching really hard is but this was the question i watched this movie from the lens of representation of women and as a result i feel like i was more aware of its flaws than my just watched it sure and i can't tell if that is because i'm still just me if that's how women see movies when it's just like this movie was assuming that you care about this guy because he sat and he's got and five years ago that was enough and it seems like for you guys it was not enough but you feel like there's other movies that you feel like this is particularly bad at it i would say no we've covered movies on this podcast that have done a much worse job and how are you saying that gene i'm saying that cinematic masterpiece g league might have done not so great of a job now believe him when i first saw in i decided that i didn't i don't hate this movie but i don't like i just have no touch ment to it and it wasn't i wasn't watching it through the bechtel cast lead at the time and i i find even today after having done this podcast for a year and a half i still have to deliberately like put my bechtel goggles on yeah we we even talk about that when we're texting of like i saw x makina for the first time last weekend and i was like i like to i wasn't watching it with back delgado's but i i glance i i liked it that's there are certain movies that like are so shady that you can't not watch it with bechtel cockles just because it's like blatant like transformers is a glaring and like you can't you can't miss it but i don't i don't think that you know like every woman on the face of the earth is watching movies with this hyper specific viewpoint but i've been quicker to notice stuff without my bechtol goggles on because we've done this so many times of like oh there's a little trope that is kind of like a red flag for like probably this isn't a good sign yes i'm like yeah but also like we've just been so conditioned to view media certain way and because so much media has just been a certain way that we're like we've been conditioned to accept that that's what movies are right that i've had like retrain myself to like watch movies from a more critical i especially as it pertains to like the treatment of women the treatment of people of color of the treatment of clear characters like so many different things and i'm just like the bottom line is it i still have to put in a lot of work to like critically analyzed the entertainment that i consume yeah does that answer your question that's one of the two questions i told them i had do we know never asks us questions this is exciting journalists there's yeah exactly should i do the recap recap recap recap.

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