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The statement said no injuries reported to the f._a._a. And again the cause for <hes> the accident the fire at a cessna citation rolling off the end of the runway there at elizabethtown municipal airport in tennessee and we heard we've been talking about it but again aviation tragedies or are unfortunately not new to nascar had this experience before where there was quickey dying or or the hendrick plane crash fifteen years go or as kyle mentioned davey allison was critically injured and eventually died after a helicopter crash at talladega so again i think there is hypersensitivity to any sort of accident involving a plane and nascar driver but thankfully the initial reports seem to be that everyone survived and hopefully everyone was ok. Well and this news has now obviously reached national national news platforms but it touches obviously are nascar community very hard and you see a lotta drivers reaching out on social media them with their thoughts. There's clinton boyer. Alex bowman took over the a._d._a. Car dealer during hard junior's car and of course jimmy johnson the seven time champ <hes> so we'll continue to to bring any updates we can our continuing to work with the n._b._c. affiliate in the bristol area w. c. y. b. I know they have spoken with you. Know carter county sheriff's <hes> the police chiefs everyone that was on site to bring the latest and we'll continue to have those updates on n._b._c. sports dot com of course we're going to the bristol motor speedway <hes> this weekend. We know that will be of course one of the if not the big headline going into. This is going to be talked about it. We just saw right there. Krista both.

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