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Support for this podcast in the following message come from novonordisk dedicated to research and innovation to help millions of people living with diabetes learn more at novo nordisk got us an update now on the daca debate this morning the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on the fate of the recipients of the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy tech industry insiders say the largest internet companies have banded together to push a bill through congress that would give legal status to undocumented young adults brought to the us as children and pierce arthis shahani reports the largest tech companies amazon gugel facebook microsoft and apple are taking the lead in a business coalition that also includes large retailers like target and wal mart that's according to people familiar with the coalition who say it's working on a dual strategy for now the plan to target the house were speaker paul ryan has indicated he's more supportive of legislation than senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is but if it seems unlikely in the next few weeks the next hope the plan b is to get some kind of bills slipped into an omnibus package at the end of the year meanwhile in silicon valley pressure is mounting for tech leaders to keep on trying dhaka recipient russia lopez has been in and around the tech industry since childhood i grew up here in silicon valley they the dotcom bubble the twenty eight year old who was born in mexico is the daughter of two janitors her first time inside a tech startups she says was one her dad put her in a trash can he'd use for cleaning and sneak her into work sites were she'd help him yes taking out the trash are saying trash from recycling she then went on to columbia university and now works at a data analytics up called sumo logic where she is a product designer she hopes the steady stream of tech chief speaking out will tipped the scales for people like myself and others who are already sort of like contributing.

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