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Just a travesty of a fifth nominee hugh jackman for les miz i don't i don't thought that is yet jack thriller movie explain the russell crowe hugh jackman market correction that's a great take now russell crowe can't sing and dance well we'll see how it by 3 out would have growth we tell you while he was this ban here's the thing about about the about their careers though this is the first time hugh jackman had actually been able to do that in a movie right lake nobody all these dummies that i mean with all due respect to the dummies in hollywood all the time is in hollywood wanted him to lake be wolverine and and do things that were like wolverine and other movies nobody wanted him to be the thing that meg ryan saw in that the boy from us in that shitty comedy that she looked like the last of the romantic comedy she made where they have the time travel hugh jackman into the present to find to like to satisfy the meg ryan urge for love could there yeah clearly apparent kate leopold and nobody he became wolverine amedee stayed wolverine and then finally but on broadway i mean everybody knows that hugh jackman has jazz hands that's on a euphemism are metaphor he just he's iced musicals and that's not a euphemism metaphor either and i just feel like this is the first movie that lets him do that okay great he should have been nominated.

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